Monday, 7 July 2014

Gertie's Pencil Skirt

Isn't it awesome to make something for nothing but a bit of time? Even better when that time is spent with a friend, and watching Downton Abbey. I have some fabric stashed up in the loft storage space of our house that was given to me a long time ago, and I dug around and got some down, threw it in the washing machine, and now have free fabric to create with. I've got rather a lot of sewing notions stashed away that were gifted to me also. 

For this project, which I have to admit I didn't take too seriously as I considered it a practise for the creation of more desirable items, I had a small amount of emerald/teal green fabric in a heavy cotton drill. I used every bit of the length to make it cover up my knees. The pattern is Gertie's Pencil Skirt, with a self-drafted straight waist band (hers is a curved high waist band in the original). I rarely (actually never) show the top of my skirts due to a lavish amount of tummy curves), so wasn't keen on fussing over boning a high waist band. If I get rid of more of this tummy, you never know! Maybe I should be boning a corset instead. 

This actually isn't how I like to dress from day to day. It all looks a wee bit boring for my liking. 
 The fabric is a bit of a poo to work with because it crumples easily and any splashes of water from the iron leave funny marks for ages, although they are just a trick to make you temporarily furious, and go away eventually. It was free, so why grizzle?
 Having my crafty partner in crime over, sewing at the same time, was really handy because she said I needed to take lots out of the side seams to make it more pencily. I don't have bulgy bits on the outside of my thighs like more pear shaped women do, so I needed to have the big curve out from the waist, then really quite straight down to the hem. The pattern has a curved line on the side seams. Oh, Mr Mouse is in this shot! Those are the last of the feijoas on the ground, in case anyone was wondering. I know I would be ("are those giant green slugs native to New Zealand?").
 There still seems to be a bit poking out on the left side (note kitten fur on new skirt and kitten tail in shot- furry assistants don't like to be left out!).
 I have a huge difference between my waist and my hips and you can really see it here. No wonder I have trouble fitting stuff.

Luckily there is just enough ease in my skirt to hunt my furry baby.
 Little does he know but Godzilla in human form is approaching.
 And he goes all floppy for a cuddle.
 Smile for the camera! Fergus, your blue eyes look gorgeous with my MAC Russian Red lippy.

Thanks to Gertie for the fantastic pattern, which I will definitely use again. It is very versatile and can be easily modified according to the instructions in Gertie's first book, or by using your common sense. I actually don't have much of that, so it can't be very hard.

I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks, so there should be a big sewing effort. Yes, I do need another dress. Or twenty.

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  1. Ypu look thin!!! Great, practical skirt. Love you, meg xx