Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pink Roses

Here's my latest version of Gertie's Portrait Blouse. I have made seven versions of this pattern. Oh, and it formed the basis of my Princess Fiona Shrek costume for the school production. Yes, I was painted green for the part.

Actually, I have modified this pattern so much that I'm not sure Gertie would lay claim to it anymore. Here's the original:
And here is the first one I made.
 This vintage fabric was rescued from a rag bag at school. The pattern has four wee pleats to shape through the hips, and is looser above these. The first change I made was to lengthen the bodice, and then I changed the pleats to double ended darts. I made three more like that. Then I wanted sleeves. So I drafted some from scratch. I had to take some width out of the shoulders to the sleeves sat properly. I made a cute one with short sleeves and shiring for shape. I'd have to dig out a photo because it is fabulous.

Then came the rosy version, which has double the number of darts. I really like to make the most of my waist. The sleeves are a bit puffy, but I'm very fond of this version. The fabric is vintage cotton poplin (I think), and has quite a crisp feel to it. I saw the roses and HAD to have it.

This is a great wee pattern, and it has given me a lot of confidence in fiddling with a pattern to make it work for me. It is very simple, but when I first made it I had never sewn a facing before and had never sewn double ended darts for shaping a top. I don't think I'm finished with this pattern yet. I am imagining some experiments with the neckline and sleeves.


  1. Gorgeous and very flattering, you look amazing. I love the roses fabric...beautiful. Meg xxx

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