Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Tartan Triumph

It is well into the evening after going out for dinner. I decided to wear my newly created tartan dress for its first outing. Sorry, the photos are a bit under par, and I was in the car for approximately 2 hours, so my dress is rather crumpled. Never mind, it is finished and it fits pretty well compared to the last dress I made. My furry assistants were on hand to ensure I had some fur stuck to me in the photos, and to plunder my sewing supplies at every opportunity. Fergus dragged the zip through the house triumphantly, and I had to inform him that no, we do not have snakes in New Zealand. 
 I had about three metres of this bright tartan cotton which was given to me with some other fabrics. As it is quite light I lined it with a red lining fabric, which was rather slippery and uncooperative. I am quite pleased with how comfortable it is. I made no effort to suck in my tummy - dinner was large, so I didn't bother. This is Gertie's Sultry Sheath bodice paired with a self-drafted dirndl style skirt (pleated rather than gathered). I put pleats at the sides of the front panel because I thought that would be more flattering.
 Yes, I can spot cat fur on my skirt. I really like the length as I find RTW dresses in this style are usually right on the knee or shorter. I am around 167cm tall.
 I thought I would briefly whip off the trusty black cardigan (it is freezing here!!!) so that you can see how it fits. Not too bad, and the pattern matching down the front is superb. Definitely not sucking that tummy in!
 I am not too happy with the zip because it is a bit wrinkly. I hand picked it because I wanted something to do with my hands while watching Game of Thrones. I love the costumes, and am inclined to scream unexpectedly at the scary bits. I'm sure the seam down the back is actually straight down the middle.
I am sure I'll wear this a lot. I am wondering about my next version of this bodice. The size up was huge. This one fits well, but not entirely sure whether my amble bosom has enough room. Do I need a slight full bust adjustment? Maybe it would gape open and show off too much. I want to wear this to school as a work dress, and cleavage is not welcome in vast swathes.

Pattern Gertie's Sultry Sheath Bodice with self-drafted pleated dirndl style skirt.
Fabric Tartan cotton (free) with red taffeta (?) lining.
New skills Self drafted dirndl. Pleating dirndl. Interlining skirt and bodice and creating self-drafted facing (not necessary but I wasn't sure how to make the lining into a facing).
Next time I would use a shorter zip and put it in by machine. I would teach myself how to line a dress properly.
I really like the weight the interlining gives the skirt. This dress is super comfy. Success!!!!

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  1. The photos are great. The dress looks gorgeous, so well made!!! You are looking great as well, all that hard work is paying off.
    Love you,