Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gertie's Floral Sultry Sheath Number One

Ha! Practising my poses today with my trusty photographer helping. Thanks Johnny! Indoor studio in the house today as it was drizzling outdoors. 

Today I'm showing you the (almost) fabulousness that is The Floral Gertie Sheath Dress Number One. I say "almost" because it is far too big in the bodice. Hence the cardie disguising the hugeness. 
 I love this dress, and it is super comfy. This is the dress upon which I discovered the magical joy of reversing the facings and pulling the bodice through the tunnels made at the shoulders between facings and fashion fabric (the name given to the good stuff on the outside). I had no idea how all-in-one facings were created so neatly until I had a go myself. Another thing in life to make me delighted! That is why I sew.
 This dress is a lovely shape, curving in around the waist. It is a combination of Gertie's Pencil Skirt with a sweetheart neckline bodice.
 How are the poses? Making you laugh or possibly cringe. I always wanted to be a supermodel. I am so happy to be wearing flowers. When I wore this into the staffroom at school someone commented to me that "only you could pull off that floral pattern." I think it looks pretty conservative with the matching black cardie, tights and shoes. I say more flowers for everyone and the world would be a prettier place!
 I hand picked the zipper in this dress. Probably a good thing because my Gertie skirt has a machine sewn zipper that would get me fired from a Chinese clothing factory.
I'm already working on the next edition of The Sultry Sheath. I have cut a smaller size, which looks really good on Ruby, my dressmaker's model, so hopefully there won't be room for two of me around the neckline. For those of you who are just joining me- yes I did do a muslin for the first version, and I really thought it would be OK. I guess I should have tacked in the zip rather than just holding it together and saying "Yep, that'll do nicely." But I'm impatient and have a lazy streak.


  1. Wow it looks gorgeous, I love the fabric and would definately wera it myself

  2. For some reason this blog freezes my keyboard and the only option is to press publish! You look fantastic!! Xxx

  3. Oh dear- sorry about the publishing problems. Not sure why?? It also shows an incorrect publishing time and date and I can't work out how to fix it.

  4. Hi, I love the dress too, the fabric is gorgeous! It reminds me of something Grandma would have had in her stash. Its lovely to see those floral fabrics coming back into fashion. I love the shows too, are they patent leather? xxxxx

  5. Love the fabric! What a gorgeous dress!

  6. Thank you so much! I couldn't possibly leave it in the shop once I had seen it.