Sunday, 29 June 2014

Gertie's Sultry Sheath Number One

We have an almost success! I say almost because unfortunately the fit is not perfect. The bodice is too big and I remeasured myself and I have shrunk a bit more since my very recent last measurement. The hips are perfect. I will show you when I'm wearing it, but it was really cold today, and my dear photographer was busy. So here it is on Ruby. I am pleased with the sewing, but even on Ruby the fit is not good. I took in some extra through the waist, but had gaping at the back.
 The waist seam sits a bit low, but that was my fault because I thought the bodice muslin sat too high.

My first ever sweetheart neckline and all in one facing (self drafted following Gertie's instructions) went perfectly. This stretch cotton was amazing to work with.
 The waist seam does line up. You can see the gaping at the back.
 I did a hand picked zipper. Looks pretty good for a first go.
 I hand sewed the hem and it looks ok, although not invisible because of the bulk of the fold-over.
 My wee hem stitches are exceptionally neat.
 I am really pleased with the result, and my bright dress will be great with a cardigan this winter. I know it might seem silly to be sewing when I'm losing weight, but I find the process so exciting - like putting a complex puzzle together - so I'm a bit addicted now!

On to the next one! I'm cutting a smaller size in the bodice, and will keep the skirt the same. I have some great tartan cotton. Sadly it isn't the lovely heavy stretch cotton, but I'm going to line the next edition as I have never done a lining before, so that should give it some weight.
 This is my pattern making fabric of choice. It came from the hardware store on a big roll and is normally used as a frost protection cloth. I use it cause I can see through it, write on it, sew it and it is resistant to ripping. Awesome stuff.
 Of course my assistants were close at hand.

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