Sunday, 15 June 2014


It is so lovely that you could join me here in my sewing space. I'll be recording my adventures as I create my own vintage wardrobe, and probably a few other vintage inspired goodies along the way. I'm not an experienced garment sewer, so you can expect some disasters along the way. Your advice is always welcome!

A little about me:

  • I'm a curvy girl, but have shrunk a bit lately, and will hopefully continue to do so. I'm sure no matter what size I am, I'll still have to grapple with fitting issues, including full bust adjustments. 
  • I love fashions from 1900 through to the 1950's. The fit and flare styles of the 1950's suit my body quite well with the small waist and bigger bust and hips. 
  • I have made lots of quilts, so can handle my sewing machine pretty well. 
  • I'm not so good with printed patterns, with a history of failures in my wake. Get ready for a bumpy ride! 

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  1. The new blogs looks very pretty, love the background and the "type writer" font,