Monday, 13 April 2015

Q2 Finish-Along List 2015

I'm excited to still be a part of the Finish-Along for 2015, hosted by Adrianne from On the Windy Side. I love visiting Adrianne's blog to see her creations, and she has great tutorials and the most gorgeous cats! I'm not too good at sticking with things, getting discouraged with projects, then distracted by other creative pursuits very easily, so I'm pleased I am still in there for Q2 of the Finish-Along. 

First up we have my almost finished entry for the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge - Also hosted by Adrianne, plus Play Crafts. I am on the last stage of this project, and the big reveal takes place later this week. I'm binding my creation currently. 

Secondly we have the (still) unfinished Mimi blouse from Tilly's Love at First Stitch. I found some interfacing in the craft cupboard, so we can get back into this. No excuse.

Pinwheel quilt in 1930's fabrics. Wow - I set this as a goal in Q1 and have made heaps of progress. Now we have a top!

 I love the cute patterns, but the colours are not really my style. I have the backing fabric ready, I just have to get onto sandwiching it.

I have been really enjoying some English paper piecing - sweet hexagons hand-pieced and quilted. This is going to be a cushion. I already have some new mini hexagons cut for the next hand-piecing TV watching project.

I'm not sure this project will ever be finished (yes it will!!!! Growl). This is Tanya Whelan fabric and I love it. The problem is the size. It is queen bed sized, and far bigger than my usual projects. I need some suitable backing fabric and might resort to a large pure cotton sheet to save money. Any ideas on making backing large quilts affordable would be greatly appreciated.

Mini experimental project - to be a bag. I photographed this in the carrot patch- appropriate I think.

Kaffe Stack and Slash quilt top - ready for sandwiching - but I don't have the backing fabric for this yet. Even if I get the fabric organised by Q3 that would be good progress. The colours in this quilt top and gloriously rich and jewel-like. They glow.

I made progress on this Tilda project - very simple, but pretty. I have fabric for binding.

I have just remembered two more projects I have stashed away - so I will list them with this list, and will add photos next post (promise!)

Experimental sampler quilt using mostly Tilda fabrics. I played around with piecing squares, then combining them, and cutting them up and re-piecing in different ways. I have nine blocks (if I recall correctly). The colours are oatmeal and cherry reds mainly.

Large hexagon quilt in Lecien Flower Sugar fabrics - I wanted to learn to machine piece hexagons, so cut lots out in anticipation. Then I found the whole idea a bit scary, so they are still lurking around.

So we have a grand total of ten WIPs on the Finish-Along list for Q2. If I manage to complete more than one I would have done better than Q1, which had one completed project. You will be pleased to hear that I spent quite a lot of time over the past three days sorting out the storage in my craft room. What an improvement!!!! I just need a few more storage containers, and possibly a very tall, narrow book case, and then some improvements to storage in the garage so that I can put stuff away that can be brought out when required. Now I have a lot less clutter, and there is more room on the floor for laying out blocks etc. I don't have room for a design wall, unfortunately, but we can't have everything.

Right- I'm off to do something productive now. Thank goodness for the school holidays - I'd go (even more) insane without them!


  1. The quilts are lovely. They had all sizes of cotton sheet sets at the warehouse on Friday all sizes for $60. They are nice smooth cotton. I noticed they even had some super king size. But I am not sure when their specials end. xxxx

  2. The special ends on the 21st according to the website. xxx

  3. Love that Felicia plant in the background of the pinwheel quilt, it is beautiful. Xxxx

  4. Good list of goals - good luck! If you are like me then sewing slows down quite a lot once school starts up again! I have used cotton sheets as backing on a couple of large quilts in the past, saves having to piece a backing and if you pick the sheet up on special then it is a cheaper way to put a backing on. I love the pinwheel (am quite a nostalgic person) and the colours on the Tanya Whelan are lovely. Have fun finishing up!

    1. I find it so hard to define my style! I love bright colours and pretty faded tones. I'll just have to do a bit of everything. The Finish-along is really motivating.

  5. Loads of gorgeous projects on the go...good stuff.
    Will watch in anticipation!!
    Meg xx