Sunday, 5 April 2015

It has been a while....

Yes, I have had a blog break. That battle between work and home, home and crafts, inspiration and none. So I have achieved very little since school went back about 10 weeks ago. How do you prolific crafters manage? 

What I have noticed is that many bloggers who predominantly make clothing are often employed outside of the home. Some work from home. Many of the quilt bloggers I come across are busy with families and some have great little pattern businesses that they run from home. Clever people!

Then there are some super achievers who have full-time careers, plus little businesses, teach and manage to keep a steady outpouring of creations. Oh, and blog up a storm. I bet some of those have children too. How on earth do they do it? Maybe they have one hobby and stick firmly to that.

So I got into a rut of doom wondering why I bother with any of it. If I work full time I can afford to keep my horse and buy fabric and plants, but then how do I have the energy for creating. Sigh. Plus I have had so many garment sewing disappointments that the fun turned into the unfun. Then my practical side says why make another quilt? What a waste of time and resources. 

So the inner battle has raged on and nothing has been achieved. So what do I conclude after much contemplation:
•It is important to me to do something meaningful and good with my life- I do that every day in my job. I shouldn't feel like I am being self indulgent crafting.
•My horse is super important to me and she is safe and happy on the farm where she lives. No need to feel guilty that I don't see her everyday, or worry that I should have land to keep her myself.
•I like growing fruit in my garden.
•I need to stop worrying that I have too many interests, or that I can't stick to one style.
•Right now the thought of battling with muslins and trying to fit garments to my bumps and bulges does not appeal. No point in knitting either - would rather buy fabric than balls of wool that will lurk until Fergus finds them.
•I just need to get onto something - I think I need one new inspiring project, a finish to get on with and handwork for multitasking in front of the tv.
•I like making things -especially quilts. Isn't that enough of a reason? 

Coming up later a challenge! Sneak peek:

Apologies if there are font and formatting errors with this post - I would unleash my attack cat upon the blogger formatting technicians if I knew where on Earth they lurk. No amount of fiddling has made things work to my satisfaction. Grrrr!


  1. Maybe it's time to make a bag? I started making a lot of bags when I got frustrated with fitting clothes, and they make for a nice break--mostly squares and rectangles, and the pieces just have to fit together, not go over a lumpy human form.

    Personally, I think it makes sense to have a variety of hobbies, as they tend to fulfill different needs and work your brain in different ways. I tend to do one a lot for a while, then turn to another for a while, etc. And I bet that your hobbies help you to do your work better by giving the work part of your brain a rest.

  2. Where did my comment go? Grrrrrrrr