Friday, 16 January 2015

Tilly's Megan Dress

Finally a dress reveal. Here's my super comfy Megan dress.
Quick photo before grabbing shoes and heading out the door. 
It could be a bit of a closer fit, but I'd rather be comfortable all day and not worried about grippy bits. 
There is a bit of pooling of fabric above my backside to fiddle with when I make another dress in this pattern. I also lengthened the bodice and swung the bust darts as they pointed upwards and I do not. The skirt is cut wider and longer as Tilly's original versions are quite short. I like to bend over at work without flashing my undergarments. 

Not quite tea length but perfect for a tea party. 

Fergus approves. 

We went out for the morning with Meg, Ryan and Henry. I didn't buy anything, but did get my cup of tea and tan square from the C1 cafe. My favourite thing about the cafe is the garden outside. Last time we came the chefs were filling trays with salad greens. The deep wine coloured nicotianas look fabulous with the lush greenery, and match the ripening strawberries too. 

Henry liked the corgis.

His shorts have sharks on them. I want a shark dress.
It is fun spotting the giraffes around town at the moment. This one is standing near an urban farm "gap filler". When Christchurch fell down with the earthquakes, lots of land became vacant, and some has become parks and interesting planted areas, or art installations.

The giraffes will eventually be sold for charity. I love their friendly faces. 
Meanwhile, we can admire them.
Well, at long last I am pleased to share something complete that fits ok, is comfortable and was easy to make. This has overlocked seam finishing, and I did a bias binding neck facing. Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons fame, writes clearly, keeps it simple and easy to follow, plus her book is beautiful. I didn't have to grade up or do a FBA, although some tweaks were required lengthening the bodice so the seam cut under my bust. Sort of a mini FBA, I guess. The shoulders actually fit, but I did have to narrow the top back of the dress, otherwise it would have gaped at the back neck.

Success! Providing the fabric lasts well with washing, this dress will be out and about a lot this year. 


  1. Such a beautiful dress! I adore that floral fabric. Love your kitty and all of those cool giraffes!

  2. How appropriately named (ha ha) it. Looks gorgeous, as do you. We had a such a lovely time, looking forward to going to the C1 cafe again...fabulous.
    Love you,
    Meg xx

  3. Love the dress and fabric you look great! Xxx