Sunday, 18 January 2015

Finish-Along Finish One - The Fergus and Mouse Quilt

Wooo hooo! We have our first Finish-Along project completed. Here is the wee masterpiece, top completed in 2014 then sandwiched and bound in January 2015.
This is a dear little lap sized quilt made from mainly American Jane for Moda School Days fabric, with a little October Afternoon thrown in. I bound it with a soft lemon as It was impossible to match the blue at my local fabric store. 

The reverse is a simple navy with white spot. I love spots, so I am happy with it, and the lemon binding looks pretty with navy. 

I machine quilted it in a random squiggly pattern. It is quite textured, and not perfect, but will be lovely and  warm with cosy wool batting. The Crafty Neighbour is horrified that I would make a quilt for my furry boyfriends, but why not? Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. 

I love the sprinkling of red among the retro blues and yellows. 

Is that really the compost bin in the background? Just keeping it real around here. 

It is going to be sweltering around here today. I had an energetic ride yesterday, so Zanny will have a rest. It was her first good exercise session this year, due to ongoing shoe issues, so she'll be a bit stiff today, possibly. Old ladies need to pace themselves. My butt hurts a bit from gripping as we cantered. She has a - let's be honest - horrible jarring canter, so it has not been easy getting comfortable and balanced. I had to completely relearn how to ride when I started in 2011, and a nasty fall set me back, but as Zanny is the best horse ever, I am so happy in the saddle. 

I am so pleased to have another quilt finished. Reminder to self- I actually enjoyed hand sewing the binding while watching Masterchef last night!