Monday, 12 January 2015

Finish-Along Fun

decided that there are too many unfinished projects lurking around here, and some action is required. Adrianne at On the Windy Side is hosting a Finish-Along, so I am going to join the party. 


In the interests of getting started, I am blogging on my wee I-Pad, which can be a bit frustrating as my photos are not as good and there are hardly any features to make links etc. Never mind. 

I started this blog with garment sewing in mind, but being tied down to one avenue of creative output has not suited me. I flit and flutter from paper to fabric, quilts to collage, gardens to horse and back again. To be honest, the guaranteed success I have with quilt-making is much more fun than the disasters I have had sewing clothes. That's not to say I don't enjoy dressmaking. I am improving with each attempt, and have a number of wearable garments. My output is quite tiny compared to those amazing dressmakers/sewists who commit themselves mainly to the one craft. So I have decided to share some of my other crafty pursuits, afterall quilting is sewing too! 

Onto my Finish-Along list. For this first quarter I have compiled a selection of projects that have taunted and haunted me from the various corners of my workroom. There are several more in the planning stages (i.e. piles of fat quarters and fabric rolls in co-ordinated gatherings), but they will have to wait. Oh how tempting my latest acquisitions are, but some of the UFOs are almost ready to leave kindergarten and head for primary school, so they can't wait, can they? 

We have two garments. 
My first attempt at Tilly's Mimi blouse. Almost a disaster 'cause I forgot to cut the yoke pattern piece, then had discovered my error after all of the pieces were cut. Had barely enough fabric to cut out the yoke. Also absentmindedly forgot to start with a muslin. What was I thinking? 

Monet inspired Lilou dress from Tilly once again. Will have to do a muslin for this one! I bought this fabric ages ago for a fit and flare dress that got a muslin but was such a poor fit that I shelved it until I found Tilly's patterns are awesome. 

I have been pottering away with some hexagon handpiecing for a while. I keep changing my mind about what to turn this panel into. Cushion? Table runner? Quilt? 
While I was doing this, I had a hankering for big hexagons - machine pieced. I cut them and was too scared to start. Fergus decided to put his bum on them. I still love them Fergus, so they don't deserve that treatment!

Then I happened to be prowling in one of our very few remaining local quilting shops when I saw a quilt made up with half hexagons. Much easier apparently, and very effective. So I bought the pattern and some very pretty fabric. 

Then there was a craft expo, and I bought some bright 1930/40 styled fabrics. I finished a wall hanging quilt with a Moda charm pack, but also got this fun roll to make a matching quilt for the little spare bed. 

I keep admiring it and think of triangles. 

At that time I also got some fat quarters and a charm pack in blues and yellows. I planned this to be for   Fergus and Mr Mouse to snuggle on. This project had the top pieced a while ago, but I just got the backing and binding fabric before Christmas. I started machine quilting it a few days ago. Mouse wishes I would hurry up. 

I completely forgot about this bargain. I found two charm packs of Tilda fabrics for what I suspect were accidentally the wholesale price. I remember fiddling around laying out the squares, and then packing them away again. They are to be simply put together as squares. I just forgot about them.  I made a beautiful Tilda lap quilt for my lovely sister, and ended up giving it to her because she loved it so much. These are just as pretty. 
Whew - what's next? 
Oh yes, this one scared me off. I intended to make a quilt for the spare bed, so I worked hard piecing strips of these yummy Tanya Whelan fabrics. Then I realised that there is no way I want to machine quilt a queen sized quilt, and I would rather buy more fabric than pay to get it quilted.  Plus the backing and batting will cost a fair bit too. Time to make a decision. That does not include the option to hand quilt. I long for a long arm quilter or Juki quilting frame. 

Finally, something completely different, my Kaffe stack and slash quilt top, which is bright and cheerful, if a little lacking in taste. With a layer of lovely wool batting this will be super snuggly for winter couch surfing. 
I actually have some more Kaffe creations planned in my fabric stash, but this one has waited and waited as I ummed and ahhed over whether I actually like it or not. I did have so much fun doing it at the now closed Stitch with Fenella coaching me between sales. 

So that makes a grand total of ten unfinished projects that are all planned out, cut out already or well underway. There are more, but they can wait. I'm exhausted just making the list! Right now I am on holiday, but once school starts, I am going to have to work to stay motivated. I intend this to be fun, not a drag, and I also want my skills to improve. I have the basics well under my belt, so it is time to up the quality and complexity of my work. 

A huge thank-you to Adrianne for being out host, and for her beautiful creations and especially for Caturday Wisdom, which never fails to make me smile! 

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