Saturday, 9 August 2014

Typical Term Time

There hasn't been much sewing around here. Typically I find it harder to fit in much sewing during term time. I'd rather be home sewing, but my horse, cat, dog, 'cello, garden and crafts have to be funded somehow! I do tend to flit from craft to craft, interest to interest in a similar manner to Grandma, who was a remarkably prolific crafter, energetic gardener and went through more dogs that you would think was possible in the time I can remember. Unlike me, she loved to move house, carting her stash of all sorts of stuff with her. Fortunately I am able to make use of some of her treasures, some of which are very old. I must show you some bits and pieces from the craft cupboard sometime. 

The reason I say I flit between crafts is that I found these dear origami dresses at our favourite second hand bookshop. The lovely lady who works there does papercrafts out of old maps and books. I couldn't resist purchasing them for my workroom wall. 
 They came as a set with the ribbon and tiny little pegs. How cute are these!?
So these set me off onto a bit of papercraft and scrapbooking. If I can't fit in sewing stuff I can sneak in a bit of papercraft here and there. It doesn't take much time, although I can make a bigger mess than sewing in a much shorter time. The origami dresses are really easy to make. I found a serious little man presenting a tutorial on making them on You Tube.

Don't worry, I'm sure to be back onto the sewing machine very soon. Possibly tomorrow. Unless I get sidetracked by making wee origami dresses!


  1. Gorgeous wee bunting, how clever. I haven't done anything creative for ages!! Love you, Megxx

  2. Darling wee dresses, they don't look that easy to make! A great find on your part.